Here at Mega Charcoal Grill we are passionate about cooking traditional Turkish food. We love the rich, deep flavours of this cuisine and the vibrant culture of the country. We have Turkish roots and aim to bring this culture to life in our store.

We used British and Turkish inspiration for our store décor to create an eclectic design that feels welcoming and bright. In addition to providing top-notch cuisine, we have eye-catching décor that is unique and something you may not see in other stores.

Take a look at some of our décor below:


Along with our modern lighting, we have Turkish light shades hanging above our counter. These shades are painted on the inside which creates a rich glow in purple and red. These are traditional Turkish colours which are warm and inviting as we want to make our customers feel at home in our store.

Nazar Boncugu (Eye Charm)

You will notice a popular Turkish charm hanging from the light shade below. This charm is called the nazar boncugu and is a talisman that is used for protection from pessimistic thoughts and jealous gazes. It is believed this charm absorbs this negativity, which we hope helps to create a great positive atmosphere in store.

Cheshunt Wall Art

As we are based in the lovely town of Cheshunt, we wanted to show our fondness of the area. We are part of Cheshunt and acquired some stunning wall art to show this. The wall art below is an artwork of Cheshunt high street which is on the back wall of our store. It is a beautiful piece that is unique and captivating.

Lake Wall Art

We also wanted some ‘feel good’ artwork that represented a calm, relaxed atmosphere. We thought a lakes and mountains piece would be the perfect fit. The nature in the image emits a peaceful vibe and is lovely to look at.

Wall Hangings

Along with our lampshades, we have some Turkish wall hangings around the store. These are full of detailed patterns and beads and are a great addition to the décor. Have a look above you next time you are in store to see these wall hangings.

We hope you like our décor as much as we do!

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