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Welcome to our food gallery where you will find a range of images from the grill. We are proud of our fresh produce and traditional cooking methods and would like to show our customers the way we do it. Browse through our gallery to get an insight into a day at Mega Charcoal Grill.


Mega’s Cooking Philosophy

We believe in cooking fresh, authentic food that will tingle your taste buds. We aim to provide the perfect mix of indulgent and healthy eating with our varied menu. Food should be enjoyed to the full and we all deserve to treat ourselves to a delicious meal.

We specialise in cooking succulent kebabs and we are all about the flavour using an array of spices and herbs to create mouth-watering tastes. Our staff have even travelled to Turkey in search of new spices, this is how passionate we are about flavour.



Traditional Cooking Methods

We use Turkish cooking methods to produce authentic kebabs. We use hot charcoal grills to carefully cook our shish and adana kofte kebabs. This method really brings the flavours to life and cooks the meat to perfection. We also have slow turning rotisseries to cook our delicious doner meat.

When you come to Mega Charcoal Grill you know you are being served traditional, authentic kebabs.



Smart Eating Choices

We aim to provide a variety of healthy options at our takeaway so our customers can eat smart. Our succulent kebabs provide a source of protein and come served with fresh salad and pita bread. Vegetarian? No problem as we have a range of options including houmous, salad in pita, falafel, and vegetarian burgers.

Our menu enables customers to indulge in a well-deserved takeaway whilst also having healthy options to choose from.



The Importance of Fresh Produce

As our images show, we always use the freshest produce to give our customers the highest quality food possible. Our meat is fresh and succulent and our vegetables and salad are bright and crisp. We cook our food in full view behind the counter, so you can see and smell the freshness of our produce.



Great Chefs

We need top chefs to cook our authentic kebabs, and that is what we have! Our chefs are highly talented and passionate about delivering high quality, delicious food to our customers. Their expert skills mean they can work in a fast-paced environment and ensure your orders are received on time. If you pick up your order you will see them hard at work behind the counter, cooking our appetising kebabs.



We all work as a team here and our main aim is to provide our customers with the best food and service possible!